Album Review: Odesza – A Moment Apart

Review by Erin Ober

ODESZA’s highly anticipated album, A Moment Apart, has finally been released, and it is everything you’ve been hoping for. Staying true to the classic synth sounds and production techniques they are known for, the electro-indie-pop duo, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, tell an incredibly cohesive story, which radiates an intense feeling of nostalgia. The album truly reflects the group’s artistic development and perspective over the years. The time they took to create A Moment Apart was essential in successfully telling the story, and setting the mood of the album.

The very first track, “Intro,” sounds like it was taken straight out of one of those intense, thought-provoking space movies, seamlessly setting up a beautiful transition into the title track, “A Moment Apart.” Featuring artists like Naomi Wild (03. Higher Ground), Leon Bridges (07. Across The Room), Regina Spektor (10. Just A Memory), and Kelsey Bulkin (11. Divide), it is hard to pick a favorite song. If I did have to pick, I would say that one of my favorites would be “Falls” (feat. Sasha Sloan). The build-ups throughout the song feel so familiar, and yet are completely fresh and exciting. This track is a perfect example of the dreamy electro vocals that ODESZA is so well known for. “Divide” (feat. Kelsey Bulkin) is another one of my favorites, specifically because of the intense and unexpected drop in the intro.

Overall, the album is truly one of a kind, and definitely worth checking out. You can catch ODESZA on their “A Moment Apart” tour (September – December 2017). They will be in Boston at the House of Blues on December 11 (already sold out!) and 12, so get tickets while you still can!

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