Album Review: Editors – Violence

Review by Justin Cameron

Working remotely with a producer whom they’ve never met led to Editors taking a new approach to their sound with Violence. They kept the same dark tone of their previous releases but added more pop elements to them: making some parts of the album brighter than once expected.

Their songs are grand and have huge climaxes, taking notes from acts including Coldplay and U2. They also keep an electro-rock feel and industrial elements reminiscent of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails.

Each song has its own arc, but the album has its own overreaching arc as well, coming to a high with the powerful “Magazines.” It takes the best parts of each band listed above and packages it into a tight 4 minutes. The chorus is grand with a catchy hook that will be in your head all day, and it has brutal industrial riffs throughout.

Violence is an exquisitely packed nine songs each with their own climax and hook: guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.