The House Gallery

Looking for new music to add to your “walking around the city” playlist? Or interested in discovering new local bands from the Boston area? Tune into The House Gallery, a radio show dedicated to showcasing works of art from various musicians in the DIY, alternative scene. Join DJ Denise every Monday from 5pm to 6pm to hear curated playlists of fresh indie finds and deep cuts.

Musical Genres: indie, alternative, punk, diy, lo-fi, shoegaze, film scores

Then and Now: Cultural Connections Through Music!

​Based on the curriculum of the Music and Society – Africana Studies minor, this show is going to analyze the historical stylings of American music genres (spirituals, blues, jazz, folk, etc.,) and make cultural, societal, and musical connections to current styles of music (alternative, pop, indie, punk, hip-hop, etc,.). Each week, I will be presenting songs in pairs – one song from the “past”, and one song from the “present” – in an effort to connect cultures and decode the messages in these songs in a way that fits our current society.

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Maddy’s Mix

Do you like a ton of different music that shouldn’t mix but somehow it does?? Well then this is the show for you. Listen to hear music across nearly every genre and spanning the globe, including folk, rock, alternative, and punk.

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Mellow Monday

Join Tanya in this new show that is perfect for sitting back and decompressing. Tune in, wind down and discover some new music of various genres from across the world.

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Tune in for top picks made in and inspired by Tel Aviv’s indie music scene. Emirate is a journey into the sounds of the raddest city in the Middle East and beyond.

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Happier Hour

An epic-power-hour filled with tunes and talks designed for the ultimate transition into your weekend. This show led by BIRN legends Nilsen and JC features the songs that you want to hear as well as the ones that you need to.  Nilsen and JC are always open to song requests if you need to hear that guilty pleasure and they take calls if you are dying to have your voice heard. You never know what might happen during the show; unlike the bars, this show has no age limit.

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