Kickin’ It With Kuczynski

​Kickin’ It With Kuczynski is a show for the people who don’t listen to a specific genre of music all the time. Each week there will be a new theme that the show is based around, from “Ladies of Rock” to “Songs That Start With ‘k'”. The genres can range from pop punk to barbershop quartets in one show! Tune in for the fun, and eclectic madness that will surely ensue. 

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Alternative To Everything

Alternative To Everything is a weekly show that brings listeners music from across the spectrum of what can be considered alternative to the mainstream radio playlist. Genres include alt rock, punk, funk, garage, glam, and just about everything in between. Whether you are searching for lost B-sides from your favorite artist or are looking to discover your next favorite band, be sure to stay tuned to Alternative To Everything.

See past playlists on Spinitron.