NOOB Observations

Hello Noobs!

One of the final steps to cross the threshold is to observe another DJ’s show to give you a taste of how a real show is run here at the BIRN. Note: You cannot observe your trainer’s show!!! But below I’ve made a list of available shows to choose from and the DJs’ contact info. Email them asking if it’d be cool if you sat in on their show either this week or next week. Afterwards, make sure that DJ emails confirming that you were there.



Get Right w/ Cvvy – Sunday 7-8pm
DJ – Ciara Johnson (

Then & Now: Cultural Connections Through Music! – Monday 10-11am
DJ – Nic Cheatle (

Magic Mique – Monday 1-3pm
DJ – Mike Shau Feng Tsai (

Planet Abe – Tuesday 2-4pm
DJ – Abraham Mendez (

The Early Bird Gets The Groove – Wednesday 7-9am
DJ – Marshall Kummer (

Notation Station – Wednesday 2-3pm
DJ -Zach Green (

ElectriCute! – Thursday 1-2pm
DJ – Clair Marie Lim (

Magic Mique – Monday 1-3pm
DJ – Mike Shau Feng Tsai (