Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (10/27-11/2): Humbird, Bootstraps

Humbird Pharmakon – indie folk

Indie folk artist Humbird‘s album Pharmakon is gorgeous through and through. Her smooth and clear voice shines over upright bass, immaculate fingerpicking, and colorful piano. Humbird‘s style of songwriting is stunning, as she lets melodies float and fall artistically. Her skill as a lyricist is also quite evident, as she draws on allegorical references and names to add a thoughtful depth to her lyrics. Just as you think you have a full mental grasp on Pharmakon, Humbird adds another element. Her song “Persephone” is a great example of this. Placed later in the album, when you’ve settled into her sound, she plays around with the form and adds brass to enrich the song. My personal favorite track on the album is “Pharmakon”. On such a lovely and sweet song, Humbird‘s writing and voice really stand out. A catchy, constant fingerpicking line and vivid lyrics make “Pharmakon” something special, and it proves that Humbird‘s voice is one to fall in love with. It’s easy to hear that Humbird poured her heart and soul into her album Pharmakon – be sure to give it a listen below!

BootstrapsDemo Love – indie folk

Bootstraps‘ album, Demo Love, features all of singer-songwriter Jordan Beckett’s strengths. The album is an indie folk triumph, and it features staple sounds of the genre, such as ethereal electric guitar tones, acoustic guitar picking and strumming, and a dark kick drum, in new ways. Beckett’s unique and raspy voice will catch your ear and allow you to get lost in his lyrics. Personal and relatable, the lyrics of Demo Love are incredibly well-written. The album Demo Love tells a story from start to end through lyrics, melody, harmony, and even the creative use of samples to transition between songs. One of the most amazing examples of Beckett’s musical storytelling abilities is on the song “I’d Rather Be Blue”. Throughout the song, Beckett develops the story of being “blue” over a lover by adding moving bass lines, atmospheric piano parts, and pads. He never outgrows the story though, maintaining a calm and peaceful space throughout the song in a way that truly speaks to his artistry. Another prime example of his skill as a storyteller is “Whenever You’re Around”. The more upbeat groove of the song reflects the excitement of being with a loved one, and every aspect of the song further drives this excitement home in prosody with the lyrics. Overall, Demo Love is not an album you want to miss out on; check it out below!