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Zach Goggans

Wacky, crazy, and fun. Zach Goggans is an energetic comedian and musician who fills up his show with substance dedicated to make you laugh. While being dedicated to his craft of laughter, Zach finds ways to make connections between resonating problems and laughter. Guests who appear on his show range from seriously dedicated comedians to people in other works, taking his show into a new realm. While staying as the wacky character in the shows’ discussions, the purpose of the show is to bring knowledge about the entertainment world and give insight about other political, economic, and philosophical problems.

Zach is from a small town in Wisconsin, growing his comedy in the lacking resources of his state. At the age of 15, he started appearing on stages doing comedy. His style is over the top, energetic, and perfect for the new generation of those into comedy. While he does do quite a bit of stand-up comedy, he is also incredibly dedicated to his musical side. Zach started playing the drums at the early age of 3, slowly developing other musical talents at a later age. His deep understanding for musical taste and craftsmanship comes naturally, and often blends with other artistic ideas. Attending Berklee College of Music, Zach is studying Music Production & Engineering. You can say he stays fairly busy.

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