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Drew (aka Chewy) is a trumpeter and Music Production and Engineering major from a suburb outside Washington, DC. Since he studies production, Drew’s show focuses less on specific genres but more on greatly produced records; that being said, Drew loves to put on some classic/modern rock, pop, and hip-hop. Drew believes that great production should take the listener on a journey, and should make a song compelling to its intended audience. His goal as a DJ is to expose listeners to the best-produced, classic works from lots of genre in order to show people the amazing parts underneath even a listener’s least favorite genre, and then discuss these production differences between styles that end up distinguishing them from one another. Here comes the Chewy part: Drew is a foodie, and loves to talk about his best dishes of the week, meal suggestions, and any other topics regarding food that come to mind. Music and food: what’s not to like? Tune in for great music and food discussions with Chewy!

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