Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (5/10-5/15): Seawolf, Matt Costa

Sea Wolf- Forever Nevermore [single] – Rock

Los Angeles  indie rock band Sea Wolf is bringing a modern blend of rock and indie folk to their newest single “Forever Nevermore”. This song spins a story of an entangled love story seeking reconciliation and searching for a solution. Lead vocalist Alex Church brings his trademarked mellow vocals and extremely laid back delivery to this track and it adds that little oomph to the relaxed backing track. A reverb soaked guitar plays second fiddle to Alex’s vocals and cuts through the mix of acoustic guitar and dead thumping drums. “Forever Nevermore” is such a nice relaxing song to fit our complicated times and help sooth your soul, even just for a little bit. Give Sea Wolf a listen below!

Matt Costa – Avenal [single] – indie rock

Once again Matt Costa brings us the chill vibes we need to help us get through this world. Matts buttery smooth vocals that has the slightest rasp just drag the song along like a lazy river cruise. The gentle strumming of acoustic guitars and simple bass line lead the focus on his voice and a Mac Demarco-esque chorus guitar line and would fit in perfectly in any lofi song coming out today! This Californian named Matt Costa truly nows how to make a song and I personally have never been disappointed by any of the work he’s released thus-far. Check out his latest masterpiece “Avenal” below!

Ryan’s Prime Slices Of The Week (5/3-5/8): Sophia St. Helen, Courtney Marie Andrews


Sophia St. HelenThe Wiser – singer songwriter

Sophia St. Helen is a hidden gem amongst piles of new emerging music. Bordering on rock, her most recent release The Wiser is an intensely deep and haunting album. Starting off her album with a stripped tracked charmingly named “Honey.” This track starts as barebones as possible and builds to something intense and somber production that becomes its own ambient little world that Sophia invites you into. The overall tone of the album is a dreary and dreaming with a hint of nostalgia, and the haunting melodic singling style creates a unique atmosphere to her sound. Sophia’s lyrics are deeply visual and get your mind painting a picture of all that she describes and is perfectly aware she’s taking you on a trip. A song that perfectly reflects her special sound is her single “Like A Fog” that builds and is almost a masterpiece of this album. This album just came out and deserves all the recognition Im sure it will receive! Listen below!


Courtney Marie Andrews – Burlap Strings [single]- americana

Leaning toward the country roots of modern Americana music, Courtney Marie Andrews takes the listener on adventure through an unrealized love story and the regrets that follow. The prominent acoustic guitar hacking out chords plays second fiddle to Andrews vocals that sound like they’re  being played at a honky tonk in some small town bar with the smell of beer and peanut shells scattered on the floor. This rough around the edges  production brings the listener into a different state mind but the message is still clear, that an unrequited love is at hand and you feel that in Courtney’s somber vocal styling.  This song is beautiful and I’m sure Courtney Marie Andrews has a successful career ahead of her, so give it a listen below!



Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/26-5/1): Zelma Stone, Dizzy

Zelma StoneDreamland – indie rock

Indie rock has a new rising star, and her name is Zelma Stone. In her most recent release Dreamland, Zelma tackles the morose topics of death, grieving and the guilt that follows. The track that most defines this is “Fly”, a melancholy farewell to those who have passed on. Stone incorporates a laid back and lazy feeling track to stage her beautiful and sensitive lyrics that all of us can relate too.   This album is almost a salute to all of those who have passed on and Zelma sings to the pain and grief in all of us.  With other notable tracks such as the title track “Dreamland” and “Body Talk” her sound develops into an iconic melding of surf rock and more traditional indie rock. Dreamland is a heartfelt and cathartic album and leaves the listener reflecting on past experiences and feelings, which is something I can’t say about most albums. You’ll want to listen to this album front to back and revisit it often. Zelma Stone is a name you’re going to want to know pretty soon, so give it a listen below.

Dizzy – “Magician” [single] – indie rock

On a lighter note, coming from Ontario, Canada, Dizzy is a one of the newer bands to blend contemporary aspects of pop and put it in a rock context. “Magician” is a soft, mellow song about a break up and moving on, wishing you could just make your past partner disappear from your mind.  This song is catchy, playful with its imagery and a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head almost instantly. This song is somber yet hopeful and lead singer Kate Munshaw lets you know exactly what’s on her mind with a beautifully raw and powerful voice. The release of the music video was its own feat, with current social isolation rules in place they had to halt production and ended up putting together the video at home with the help of video editor Marty McPherson to create this wonderful music video. This single is coming off their soon to be released album The Sun and Her scotch  coming out July 13st, 2020. Give Dizzy a listen below!



Ryan’s Prime Slices Of The Week (4/19-4/24): Kyndal Inskeep, St. South

Kyndal Inskeep – “Ghost Town” [single] – americana

This dark acoustic tune from the artistic powerhouse that is Kyndal Inskeep is the newest single to grace the charts. This song incorporates an ambient display of somber finger picking blended with haunting harmonies only to be sliced through by the buttery smooth vocal stylings of Kyndal. This songs backing track is reminiscent of some of Adele’s earlier works, but don’t get it twisted, Kyndal is no copy cat, and brings her own unique styling to her work. This melancholy tune reflects eerily on what the current world has become in the last few months, and as well touches on the changing culture of youth and the neglect they face  from political channels. Kyndal Inskeep is a prolific songwriter, and keeps producing great songs like a machine, If you haven’t listened yet, now is the perfect time!

Listen Below!



St. South – “Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud” [single] – bedroom pop

Lofi bedroom pop is starting to change the game  everywhere right now, and St. South is really taking the lead and showing artists how it’s done. This track is dreamy and ambient and will take you on a vacation from reality for three minutes and thirty seconds. The only way to describe this group is soulful electro, and their debut album that came out in march is full of killer tunes just like this one.  “Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud” is a tired call for reassurance of an anxious mind and a busy life, but takes that anxiety and turns it into something so beautiful and relaxing, that is so unique to St. South. St. South’s arrangement is unique, and I am hesitant to compare it too much to Lofi Hiphop, but it definitely carries the same vibe and emotion behind this tune.Honestly, this is a track that really needs to be heard and to be given some more recognition.

Give a listen below!

Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (3/29 -4/3): Saint Sister, Honey Cutt

Saint Sister – Dynamite [single] – bedroom pop

This mellow evolution of bedroom pop and the recently christened genre atmos-folk is starting to make strides in music. Saint Sister has created this soundscape of relaxation and somewhat reminiscent of Lofi Hiphop, but with the defining vocals and gait of bedroom pop. “Dynamite” is atmospheric and deep and reflects the natural evolution of the modern mixing of genres. The melding of Morgan Macintyre and Gemma Doherty’s voices is sweet and pure, sitting nicely atop the dulcimer, harp and piano.  Everybody needs to hear where music is going, and I think this is a great example so give it a listen below!




Honey Cutt – Fashion Show [single] – indie rock


This punk inspired indie rock single by break out artist Honey Cutt is a perfect release for this spring, bringing an upbeat laziness that is quintessentially indie rock. The vocals remind me of a female Mac DeMarco and the overall tones are very reminiscent of Mac as well. The backbone of this song lies with the lively bass line, which starts it off with an energy that is carried through the whole song. Dispensing with the comparisons, her sound is unique and matches the “in” thing right now in the world of independent artist and I know that Honey Cutt is bound to get pretty big over the next few years! So give her a listen below and see for yourself!


Ryans’s Prime Slices of the Week (3/1-3/6): Orion Sun, Dirty Projectors

Orion Sun – Coffee For Dinner [single] – bedroom pop


This mellow track coming out of this Philadelphia artist Orion Sun, shows exactly where the music is scene is starting to go.  “Coffee For Dinner” is a mellow hip-hop infused bedroom pop track that just floats along and takes you for a ride. This track utilizes a mixture of lofi-guitar and a mix of real and synthetic drums that just completely slice through the mix. Underlying the song are ambient sounds and synth patches that create an entire dark and dirty sonic environment, and when her vocals finally come in, it just rounds out the entire piece , making this track warm and full. Orion Sun’s vocals can only be described as smooth and melodic and and have the uncanny ability to just make you feel relaxed. This song is soft, and somber and is overall just feels good. This single came off the soon to be released album Hold Space For Me, which is coming out later this month! Give “Coffee for Dinner” by Orion Sun a listen below!



Dirty Projectors – Overlord [single]- indie pop



After a 2 year hiatus the Dirty Projectors have once again released a brand new single primarily featuring vocalist and guitarist Maia Freedman. This is a soft, unplugged arrangement and strays from their usual production quality and bringing it down to the bare minimum for this new release. Though with the large instrumental arrangements to the side, Maia maintains that Dirty Projectors vocal harmony that we all know and love. Keeping with the similarities, the ambiguous rhymes and quirkiness of the lyrics is something we’ve deeply missed from the group while they’ve been absent and can’t wait for the larger album release they’ve been teasing for some time now. “Overlord” is a tune that really could slip under the rug and blend into the background, its soft and gentle and really has the potential to be commercially successful and feels a bit more mainstream then their past releases. We’re all excited to see what the Dirty Projectors do next! Check out “Overlord” below!




Ryan’s Prime Slices Of The Week (2/24-2/29): Arlo Parks, Siv Jakobsen


Arlo Parks – “Eugene” [single] – bedroom pop

With this mellow new release by British pop artist Arlo Parks marks a new era in the blooming bedroom pop world. Eugene is a style of song that reflects the new change in modern pop, from upbeat and peppy music to the more favorable low-key, mellow arrangements with a far step away from standard and monotonous lyric writing. Parks lyrics are conversational and guide you through the story to leave no ambiguity in what she needs to say. In this track  Arlo‘s voice is breathy, intimate and full of yearning which only cements her lyrics about an unrealized love story even further, overall rounding out the entire tune. The arrangement is warm and gentle and simply dances behind the vocal and interlace with one another throughout the song making this an absolutely beautiful piece. This song is a great example of Arlo Parks and her music so if you haven’t heard of her yet, give her a listen below!



Siv Jakobsen – “Fear The Fear” [single] – singer songwriter



“Fear The Fear” is a new take on traditional singer-songwriting by this Norwegian born artist Siv Jakobsen.  Siv’s light acoustic arrangement with erie drones and solo acoustic guitar create a haunting picture of self conflict and other cold emotions. The lyrics weave a story of self doubt, feeling lost, and the constant struggle of an artist to perpetually be creating. This predominately comes from the line “But shake it off I can’t, I won’t//Cause what would I write about if I don’t//Fear the fear inside my bones” which make this feel like an internal dialogue that is anxiety evoking and worrisome to any artist who is struggling to create. The light arrangement never gets in the way of the vocals, making what she has to say feel so much more urgent and upfront. This single came off the soon to be released A Temporary Soothing, which Im definitely excited for, and can’t wait to see more of  what she can create. Give Siv Jakobsen’s “Fear The Fear” a listen below and see for yourself!


Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/10-2/15): Papooz, Mapache

PapoozNight Sketches – indie rock

This new album by indie rock duo Papooz, is a great mellow new find to add to your music collection. The upbeat arrangement which is reminiscent of Supertramp, and has smooth breathy vocals which add a certain unique quality that only this duo could provide. My personal favorite is  “Good for Nothing” which is somewhere in-between soft rock and something coming out of the indie-lofi scene. The clear understanding of production and space by these two is something to be heralded and adds so much to what may fall flat if left in the hands of lesser artists. Papooz is blowing up all over and becoming a fast favorite so give them a listen below and check out their new album Night Sketches!



Mapache – Life On Fire [single] – folk rock


This folk rock duo Mapache just released their newest single “Life On Fire”, and these two take you back to a time where 8 track was king, denim on denim,  and long hair was the style. This ambitious duo with a throw back sound bring the best of the 70s folk rock movement into the modern age. Though their sound may be from forty years ago but the lyrics certainly reflect the modern age, and don’t spare any gory details.  The warmth of this track is perfect to keep you company all winter long, and is a great song overall! This track is light and fun, with a Allman Brothers-esque vocal style that is sure to have you singing along! Give “Life On Fire”by Mapache a listen below!



Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/3 – 2/8): Marcus King, Nathaniel Rateliff

Marcus KingEl Dorado – rock

New comer Marcus King from Greenville, South Carolina brings classic country inspired rock into the modern age with El Dorado. Produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, and is easily the newest jewel to come out of Easy Eye Sound, Marcus King brings a 70s inspired  heavy but gentle sound into the 2020. King’s vocal style is raspy and warm, and when paired with a gritty distorted guitar and warm tapey acoustic it completes the entire sonic imagine that is so reminiscent of classic country mixed with modern blues rock. The songwriting of Marcus King is masterful and well restrained proving his mastery of his craft. The entire album is a collection of gems and is a fantastic album to kick off the new year! This album is already #1 on the Top New Artist charts, and multiple others, so if you haven’t checked El Dorado out yet, give it a listen below!



Nathaniel Rateliff – And It’s Still Alright [single] – americana



The newest single by americana artist Nathaniel Rateliff  reflects the true nature of modern folk songwriting with his title track off his upcoming album  “And It’s Still Alright”.  Nathaniel is obviously inspired by the soft acoustic nature of 70s country and brings in the contemporary flare of modern lyric writing and production to his music. This track is reflective and melancholy with a level of songwriting that only comes with the wisdom of age and the lessons learned along the way. Recently performing this tune on Fallon, Its safe to say that Nathaniel Rateliff will be the next big thing in Americana and Folk music and we’re all excited to see how high he can go! His new album “And It’s Still Alright” come out February 14th but you can listen to his single below!



Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (12/9 – 12/14) Aunty Social, Basement Revolver

Aunty Social – “Crack A Deal” [Single] – indie pop

New comer, Aunty Social is surprising the world with her newest single “Crack a Deal”, with a pop centric and unique sound, Aunty social is sure to be the artist everyone is talking about in years to come. Starting this track off with an A cappella vocal and layering in spacey synth, this song builds slowly but has such a deep, rich and satisfying sound to it, you’re only waiting to see where it could go next.  Her emotive modern vocal styling, lyrics and delivering are entrancing and bring you right into to the story that Aunty Social is weaving before your eyes. The accompanying music video is also a colorful, slightly dystopian piece of art and if you haven’t seen it, check it out now below!



Basement Revolver – “What Are You Waiting For” – indie rock


Also new to the scene, Basement Revolver with their own unique and intense style. Their music is reminiscent of soft rock from the early 90s and with the smooth vocal styles of Big thief. This track just is mellow,  full of emotion and is just a great tune to sit back and unwind with. Basement Revolver is an underrated indie gem that has an entire library of great songs, and that really shows in “What Are You Waiting For” These guys are fantastic and they just released a new EP  Wax and Digital, check it out below and see for yourself!