Erin’s Prime Slices (10/13 – 10/20): Mountain Man, The Jack Moves

Mountain ManMagic Ship (intimate folk)

This album seems perfectly timed with the emergence of the recent fall weather, and would accompany a brisk walk under changing leaves quite nicely. The harmonies between Amelia Meath (of Sylvan Esso), Molly Erin Sarlé, and Alexandra Sauser-Monnig sound as if they are coming from one voice while the scarce accompaniment gives each the appropriate space to exist individually. Amelia Meath, specifically,  has one of the most thoughtful and genuine sounds I have heard in a while. Definitely  give this group a chance is you like Sylvan Esso – although its a bit more acoustic and bare, I think that Magic Ship by Mountain Man evokes a similar vibe vocally and aesthetically.

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Erin’s Prime Slices (10/4): Hippo Campus, Cumulus

Hippo CampusBambi (indie/alternative rock)

Opening with an atmosphere of spacey synths, droning strings, and harmonious vocals that I can only describe as a barbershop-quartet-of-the-future, Hippo Campus has truly thrown their fans a curveball with their latest album Bambi. While in the past, the band has been more focused on having fun and creating for the sake of creating, it seems this latest project has taken a more meaningful and concrete form. Overall, if you have jammed to Hippo Campus in the past, I think it is important that you get to know this album. Hippo Campus has shown the world another side of themselves that I hope they continue to explore in the future.

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Erin’s Prime Slices (9/27): illuminati hotties, Prince

illuminati hotties – Kiss Yr Frenemies (indie rock / tenderpunk)

illuminati hotties is an indie pop group fronted by lead singer Sarah Tedzin. Releasing their debut album, Kiss Yr Frenemies, earlier in 2018the band has been off to a really amazing start. The lyrics are personal and playful and the instrumentation is delicate when it demands to be. Other times, there is a clear, punchy energy that more closely mirrors the way in which Sarah describes her genre as “tenderpunk.” If you are in your 20s, or ever have been, you will relate hard to this album (warning: ugly crying entirely possible). Check out Illuminati Hotties next Wednesday, October 3, at O’Brien’s to live out your inevitable connection with Sarah Tedzin in person! Also check out the emotional rollercoaster of a music video/ animation by artist Sam Lane for the track “Cuff.”

link to tickets:

link to illuminati hotties FB:

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Erin’s Prime Slices (9/20): Tirzah, Odesza

Tirzah – Devotion (synth, British R&B)

Repetitive yet entirely unpredictable, Devotion is a wild ride from start to finish. Tirzah’s vocals are raw and soulful amidst some seriously hypnotic synthesizers. While tracks like “Say When” feature a simple repeated arpeggiated piano line beneath solo vocals, others such as “Holding On” involve a bit more production and moving parts. Overall, a very interesting listen I would recommend anyone try out.

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Erin’s Prime Slices (9/13): Iron & Wine, Donnie Law

Iron & Wine – Weed Garden (indie folk rock)

Contrary to the implications presented by the title, Iron & Wine’s latest album, “Weed Garden”,  is full of beauty and demands to be appreciated. With echoing vocals, layers of percussive guitar lines, and unsettling strings, the album ebbs and flows between suspense and delicate satisfaction. Iron & Wine stays true to the warm sound that they have been known for since day one in this latest release.

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Show Review: Brazilian Girls – 5/7

On Sunday night at the Brighton Music Hall, the Brazilian Girls performed in promotion of their latest album, Let’s Make Love. As a fairly diverse group currently based out of New York, the Brazilian Girls bring in influences from all over the world and are known for their eclectic alternative, electronic sound. Anticipation crowded the room, especially knowing that the band has not put out an album since 2009 when their album, New York City,  was nominated for a Grammy Award.

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Liza Anne Interview – 5/4

Liza Anne is one of the most genuine artists I have had the pleasure to listen to in a while. She is currently on tour to promote her latest album “Fine, But Dying;” an intensely emotional outpouring of Liza’s internal struggles that will make you want to dance and bawl your eyes out all at once. Liza is so completely down to earth and inviting, as are her lyrics and storytelling.
Although I realized that I would not be able to attend the concert upon my arrival to the Great Scott on Friday night (curse not being 21+!), I was lucky to be able to sit down with Liza for a short interview before she was set to perform. I picked her brain about the creation of her latest album, her life as a young artist, and her battle with her panic disorder over the past couple of years.

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Album Review: Brazilian Girls, Lets Make Love

The Brazilian Girls are an eclectic group of four musicians (Sabina Sciubba, Jesse Murphy, Didi Gutman, and Aaron Johnston) with an intense musical chemistry and a shared passion for the unexpected. Surprisingly, none of the members are actually from Brazil, and Sabina is the only female of the bunch. Their most recent release, “Let’s Make Love”, is an incredible example of the chaotically original, yet polished sound the Brazilian Girls are able to create.

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Erin’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/23-4/29): Haley Heynderickx, Donovan Woods

Haley Heynderickx – I Need to Start a Garden // indie folk

I Need to Start a Garden feels like a private acoustic set performed in someones living room. The guitar picking is beautiful in its simplicity, accompanied with minimal percussion and soft,thoughtfully quaint lyrics. Each track is reminiscent of the last and an allusion to the next. You can read Haley;s facial expressions through her deliberate, yet organic inflections. My favorite track is probably #2; The Bug Collector, with lyrics like “theres a praying mantis prancing on your bathtub/and you swear its a priest from a past life out to get you”.

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Erin’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/1-4/8): Polish Club, French Kiwi Juice

Polish Club – Beeping/Able // rock&roll soul punk

With only two members, Polish Club takes up an enormous amount of space with this latest two-track release. Novak’s vocals are energetic to say the least – his performance of the song can almost be heard in the recording of “Beeping”. The duo, John Henry and Novak, seem to spend a lot of time on dynamics in order to keep the songs full and interesting. It can be hard to sound complete with only drums and guitar, but Polish Club has truly mastered their sound and are clearly strong enough musicians to carry that classic, soul-infused rock sound. Its loud and intense, but its played from the heart in a way thats hard to ignore.

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