Notation Station

Hosted by Z. M. Green, Notation Station explores the music of timeless songwriters, composers, and arrangers. Come along for a tour of classic songs, as well as more recent hits from the best writers of today.

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The Early Bird Gets The Groove

This show is designed to help set the tone for your day. All songs are chosen to construct and preserve a good morning mood. Sometimes that means peaceful and mellow, other times it’s refreshing and dancy. Mornings can be hard to face sometimes, let the music help you start your day right!

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Live shows are archived for two weeks. Listen on Radio Free America!

Planet Abe

Join me on this cosmic voyage through sound and space, as we travel to an unexplored world of music – Planet Abe. A world of drum & bass and jungle beats, synths, funk, and all the other sounds. This planet includes: vinyl sets, Weekly Guests, freestyles, interviews, discussions, modular synth performances, rocket ships, and much more. It’s a journey, and it happens every Tuesday at 2pm!

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By The Way

By The Way is a vibrant show targeted to lovers of all mediums of art. We aim to educate the audience through music, introduction to new artists, and tackling important current issues and events in the current music industry.

Then and Now: Cultural Connections Through Music!

​Based on the curriculum of the Music and Society – Africana Studies minor, this show is going to analyze the historical stylings of American music genres (spirituals, blues, jazz, folk, etc.,) and make cultural, societal, and musical connections to current styles of music (alternative, pop, indie, punk, hip-hop, etc,.). Each week, I will be presenting songs in pairs – one song from the “past”, and one song from the “present” – in an effort to connect cultures and decode the messages in these songs in a way that fits our current society.

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The Circadian Rhythm

The Circadian Rhythm is a laid back hour of contemporary music with the occasional throwback jam curated by your favorite BIRN DJs, Jon and Jacob. Feel free to call into the station for a chance to play a game with us on air, or to request a tune you want to hear!

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