Before your proficiencies, all noobs MUST observe one show! Here are your steps:

  1. Select a show from the following list
  2. Email that DJ asking them if you can observe their show
  3. After observing, have that DJ email your trainer and confirm that you came to the show!

Here are your options: **You cannot observe your trainer’s show!**

  1. Thursdays 6-7PM: Electric Odyssey (Bryan Borders, bborders@berklee.edu)
  2. Thursdays 5-6PM: Kickin’ It With Kuczynski (Scott Kuczynski, skuczynski@berklee.edu)
  3. Tuesdays 9-11PM: The Songwriter Sessions (Jenni Rudolph & Makayla Colonello, jrudolph1@berklee.edu)
  4. Saturdays 2-4PM: A306 (Tanir Morrison, tmorrison@berklee.edu)
  5. Thursdays 7-9PM: HouseFire Radio (Joe Wenger, jwenger@berklee.edu)
  6. Sundays 1-3PM: The Brit Bit (Charles-Henry Volk, cvolk1@berklee.edu)
  7. Sundays 9-10PM: Night Music (Charles Lincoln, clincoln@berklee.edu)
  8. Tuesdays 4-6PM: Indie-pendent Women (Pooja Aggarwal & Erin Ober, paggarwal@berklee.edu)