Ruby’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/18-2/25)

Charlotte Day Wilson – Stone Woman (R&B)

Stone Woman is a stellar R&B EP full of rich warm production and a strong vocal lead. Charlotte Day Wilson delivers the intimacy of a lo-fi release with the clarity of a Billboard top 40 artist. Stone Woman is at times textural and ethereal and at other times sensual and direct.

Favorite Tracks: All of them… there’s only 6.

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Erin’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/18-2/25)

Jonathan Wilson – Rare Birds // ambient rock

While Wilson has such a clear and intense technical ability, I think the real core of his talent lies in his ability to transfer such soul into his projects. “Rare Birds” has all the emotion and power of Rock n’ Roll with a swirl of ambience in the mix – creating a sound that is both reminiscent and impossible to compare. Its classic rock from an alternate universe with drum machines and synthscapes that take you down roads you didn’t know existed. The goal of “Rare Birds” seems to be the overall impact of the sound and all of the moving parts within each track – give it a listen to experience it yourself.

Favorite Tracks: Over the Midnight, Miriam Montague Loving You, Living With Myself

Listen Here:

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Live this Friday on birnCORE: Forq and Sirintip from The Red Room @ Cafe 939

Tune in to birnCORE on Friday, February 23 for a live broadcast from two New York based acts as Forq and Sirintip perform live from the Red Room @ Cafe 939.

Forq is an instrumental quartet with an aggressive sound and a penchant for sonic exploration. Continue reading “Live this Friday on birnCORE: Forq and Sirintip from The Red Room @ Cafe 939”

Ruby’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/11-2/17)

OughtRoom Inside The World (post punk, art rock)

Ought’s latest album manages to be thrilling and repetitious at the same time. Room Inside The World incorporates more synths than Ought’s previous work without taking focus away from the unique guitar lines and idiosyncratic vocals.

Favorite Tracks: Disgraced In America, Take Everything, These 3 Things

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Interview: Pirate Doug of Pirate! Promotion and Marketing

By: Ruben Radlauer

Generally speaking, the name “Pirate!” brings to mind swashbuckling antiheroes of the seven seas. Those in the music marketing and college radio world, however, have a vastly different association—with an entity that might be partially responsible for bringing your favorite music into the public eye.

Pirate! Is a marketing company that has worked with both major and indie labels (Universal, Warner, Anti-, Kill Rock Stars, Epitaph, Rough Trade are just a few) to promote the work of artists ranging from Alkaline Trio to Tegan & Sara to Mavis Staples and everyone Continue reading “Interview: Pirate Doug of Pirate! Promotion and Marketing”

Thank You From the BIRN

With a week and a half left in semester, we wanted to express our thanks to everyone who made this semester a great one! We have been able to broadcast/bring in incredible artists and are looking forward to what next year brings. Thank you to our DJ’s, staff, and everyone who tuned in, making this semester so memorable. We hope you all have a wonderful and safe winter break!

Less Talk More Action

By: Pooja Aggarwal, Co-Station Manager & Communications 

Stay the course. The voice of our protest organizer, Michela McDonagh, rang in our heads on Monday, November 13th, as hundreds of us silently marched down Boylston Street. The protest was organized in response to a recently published Boston Globe article, which discussed incidents of sexual misconduct, by professors, at Berklee. While all of the aforementioned professors were fired, it was the “hush-hush” way in which Berklee Continue reading “Less Talk More Action”