Next Meeting

DJs:  No more meetings this semester!  Thanks for the most successful broadcast season in the BIRN’s history.

Our broadcast schedule will continue through Friday night, May 10.  If you have a conflict and cannot do your show during finals week, OR if you want to do your weekend show on May 11 or 12, you must let us know (email this week so we can adjust the schedule.

Summer show proposals will be accepted the week of May 20 (use the form as usual) and we will begin broadcasting Tuesday, May 28.

The first meeting of the summer semester will be Monday, June 3 in the usual place (22 The Fenway, room 112):

6:00 pm – noobs
7:00 pm – peeps

Friendly reminder:  Attending our weekly meetings is a requirement for all BIRN DJs.


Before your proficiencies, all noobs MUST observe one show! Here are your steps:

  1. Select a show from the following list
  2. Email that DJ asking them if you can observe their show
  3. After observing, have that DJ email your trainer and confirm that you came to the show!

Here are your options: **You cannot observe your trainer’s show!**

  1. Sundays 7-9PM: The Northern Lights (Kysan Kwan,
  2. Mondays 1-2PM: Sophie’s Mood Ring (Sophie Reyes,
  3. Mondays 2-4PM: Danielle and Tre Today (Tre Espinoza,
  4. Tuesdays 7-8PM: Tuesdays With Tone (Antonia Brunetti,
  5. Tuesdays 9-11PM: The Songwriter Sessions (Allee Flanigan,
  6. Wednesdays 4-6PM: Kickin’ It With Kuczynski (Scott Kuczynski,
  7. Wednesday 6-8PM: Evening Cawfee (Erin Ober,
  8. Wednesdays 8-9PM: Beach Street Beats (Kendall Mistretta,
  9. Thursdays 2-3PM: Control Dalt Delete (Dalton Miller,
  10. Thursdays 6-7PM: Electric Odyssey (Bryan Borders,
  11. Fridays 1-3PM: Vibra Latina (Maria Jose Bermudez,
  12. Fridays 5-7PM: Outlaw Radio (Abel Garcia,
  13. Fridays 8-10PM: Live from A306 (Tanir Morrison,
  14. Saturdays 7-9PM: Messin Wit’ Marlon (Marlon Solomon,