Album Review: Preoccupations – New Material

Story by Justin Cameron

Post-punk rockers Preoccupations explore a new, darker, and deeper sound for New Material.

“My perfect goal for a record would be to have something that you know is rock music but you can’t tell what any of the instruments are,” explains Scott Munro. They’ve achieved just that in New Material. With it being difficult at times to differentiate between a guitar and synth, the album keeps the listener on their toes. Continue reading “Album Review: Preoccupations – New Material”

Erin’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/1-4/8): Polish Club, French Kiwi Juice

Polish Club – Beeping/Able // rock&roll soul punk

With only two members, Polish Club takes up an enormous amount of space with this latest two-track release. Novak’s vocals are energetic to say the least – his performance of the song can almost be heard in the recording of “Beeping”. The duo, John Henry and Novak, seem to spend a lot of time on dynamics in order to keep the songs full and interesting. It can be hard to sound complete with only drums and guitar, but Polish Club has truly mastered their sound and are clearly strong enough musicians to carry that classic, soul-infused rock sound. Its loud and intense, but its played from the heart in a way thats hard to ignore.

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Berklee in the Round Live From The Red Room

Tune in on Tuesday, April 10th @ 7 PM EST to birnCORE for a live broadcast from The Red Room @ Cafe 939 of Berklee in the Round.

Berklee in the Round (BITR) occurs on the second Tuesday of every month. Each month, a faculty member selects four to five students and hosts a concert. He or she may also choose a special guest (such as a visiting artist or touring songwriter). Based on the in-the-round performances at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee, songwriters sit in a circle, where they take turns playing to the audience seated around them, lending an intimate feel.

Tune in here to join the live broadcast

BerkleeNYC: A Student’s Perspective

Story by Darcy Davis

If you’re a student at Berklee, you’ve probably heard about the recent acquisition of Power Station studios, read the press release, watched the video and thought “this is awesome but what does this mean for us?” As an MP&E student, I wanted to know what sort of opportunities we would get to utilize the space in order to expand our careers in New York, and where other technology majors such as EPD and CWP would fit into the vision. So I caught up with Stephen Webber, executive director of BerkleeNYC, to talk more about the grand plan for the studio and why we should be excited. Continue reading “BerkleeNYC: A Student’s Perspective”

Album Review: Carissa Johnson – Talk Talk Talk

Boston DIY rocker Carissa Johnson is back with her third album Talk Talk Talk. The album is a tight 9 tracks running just under 30 minutes and is the definition of straight ahead punk rock, but with Johnson’s own twist. The album features her touring band, The Cure-Alls, who give her sound a driving, tight, groove; combine that with her catchy guitar riffs and crisp production and they have an infectious sound. Continue reading “Album Review: Carissa Johnson – Talk Talk Talk”

Caitlyn Smith and Andrea Davidson Live From the Red Room

Tune in Friday, April 6th @ 8 PM EST for a live broadcast from The Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Caitlyn Smith and Andrea Davidson.

In recent years Caitlyn Smith has become one of Nashville’s most celebrated songwriters, with her compositions recorded by artists such as James Bay, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, John Legend, and Meghan Trainor. Continue reading “Caitlyn Smith and Andrea Davidson Live From the Red Room”

Album Review: Nathaniel Rateliff – Tearing at the Seams

Story by Justin Cameron

We’re in the middle of a blues-rock revival from the 60’s. What was previously led by the likes of Gary Clark Jr. and Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes, now has a new face in Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. Their self-titled debut broke them onto the scene in 2016 with the catchy, danceable hits “S.O.B” and “I Never Get Old;” Since then, they have been busy tearing up the scene with their following release (later that year) and a live album from Red Rocks with Preservation Hall Jazz Band in 2017. Continue reading “Album Review: Nathaniel Rateliff – Tearing at the Seams”

Show Review: Nada Surf at Brighton Music Hall 3/10

Story by Justin Cameron

Nada Surf brought their Let Go 15th Anniversary Tour to Brighton Music Hall on Saturday night. Matthew Caws came out with his acoustic guitar to a sold-out crowd and began strumming the intro to “Blizzard of 77.” They wasted no time getting the other members of the band (Ira Elliot and Daniel Lorca) on stage to play the rest of Let Go (the album that contains beloved songs such as, “Inside of Love”, and “Blonde on Blonde”) in its entirety. The band kept the time in between songs brief, only to tell stories of how the songs were written some 15 years ago.  

After playing the album front to back, the band came back out to play a second set containing more fan favorites such as their mid 90’s hit “Popular”, “Always Love”, and “Your Legs Grow.” They included “Stalemate” which led into a cover of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and closed the show with “Blankest Year” off of The Weight is a Gift. They showed their strength by going from melancholy riffs to more distorted, driving guitar and they kept the energy up as if they easily could’ve played for another two hours. The band was excellent and seemed to really enjoy being on stage.

The Weather Station and Sam Moss Live From the Red Room

Tune in to birnCORE Wednesday, April 4th @ 8 PM EST for a live broadcast from The Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring The Weather Station and Sam Moss.

The Weather Station is the fourth and most forthright album by The Weather Station, the project of Toronto songwriter Tamara Lindeman. Lindeman wanted to make a rock and roll record, but have it sound how she wants it to sound. The result is a spirited, frequently topical tour de force that declares its understated feminist politics, and its ambitious new sonic directions, from its first moments. Continue reading “The Weather Station and Sam Moss Live From the Red Room”

Dan Russell and Boketto the Wolf Live From the Red Room

Tune in to birnCORE tonight, March, 31st @ 8 PM EST for a live broadcast from The Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Dan Russell and Boketto the Wolf.

Dan Russell is a highly revered artist manager and advocate, concert promoter, producer, creative collaborator, and video and film music supervisor. He has worked with the likes of U2, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sam Phillips, Switchfoot, and countless others. Continue reading “Dan Russell and Boketto the Wolf Live From the Red Room”