Childish Japes, Killer Cortez, and Lev Freedman Live from The Red Room

Tune in tonight, June 5th @ 8 PM EST to birnCORE for a live broadcast from the Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Childish Japes, Killer Cortez, and Lev Freedman.

Childish Japes is equal parts collective, band, and art project—committed to fearless musical exploration and a blurring of genre lines. With no fixed front person, it constantly features a slew of killer singers, rappers, and instrumentalists (or just playing as a trio). At this show, the band will play its entire new album, Salamandra, which features Berklee College of Music alumnus and emotive powerhouse Dave Vives on vocals.

Killer Cortez is a Boston, Massachusetts–based progressive rock bandmade up of two-thirds of the former band Moniker. The band upends convention with its cavernous sound and dynamic, multilayered compositions. Its sound has been described as sonic storytelling with U2 textures, Radiohead rhythms, Pink Floyd psychedelia, and Muse levels of apocalyptic stadium rock. The band is currently working on a follow-up to its debut album and expects to release it later this year.

Lev Freedman is a singer-songwriter from Newburgh, New York. His deeply personal songwriting and soothing pop vocals make for a powerful show. Freedman’s influences range from artists such as James Taylor to Frank Ocean. Lev is Currently in his last year at Berklee College of Music, and he is preparing for a career in songwriting and performing.

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Interview with Japanese Artist RIRI Airs on BIRN Global through June 24

Hitting number one on the iTunes R&B/Soul album chart in Japan at only 18, RIRI is just getting started. She has collaborated with famed EDM producer Zedd, covering his hit song “Stay” in Japanese. This year, she released her self titled album RIRI, combining lyrics in both English and Japanese. She draws from the vocal styles of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and Whitney Houston.

We were so delighted to have the chance to interview RIRI in-studio when she visited campus recently. Don’t miss the exclusive live performance on BIRN Global.

RIRI’s interview airs June 4 – June 24 at the times below.



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Sam Tsui Live from The Red Room

Tune in on Wednesday, June 6th @ 8 PM EST to birnCORE for a live broadcast from the Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Sam Tsui.

Sam Tsui went from sharing his talent from a dorm room on YouTube to releasing multiple albums and EPs. He recently released his album titled “Trust.” The singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist is now on tour and coming to Boston. “Sam continues to use his powerful digital platform to share his distinctive music and creative video content with his fans, the ‘Samily’.”

Listen here to join the live broadcast on birnCORE!

Show Review: Editors at Paradise Rock Club 5/16

Story by Justin Cameron

Editors brought their Violence tour to Boston a couple weeks ago. The band’s set was heavy on the new songs, playing 6 of the 9 from Violence, and they all translated well to a live setting. They sounded almost exactly as they do on record, if not better, and the crowd seemed to agree. The majority of the crowd actually ended up dancing to the songs, and the band seemed to feed off that energy, giving an energetic set from start to finish.

The lights perfectly complimented their sound: flashing during the heavier, more industrial parts, and calming down for the quieter songs. Editors’ sound combined with the lights ended up being very reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode.

These days, Editors has a high energy, danceable set that should not be missed.

Show Review: Brazilian Girls – 5/7

On Sunday night at the Brighton Music Hall, the Brazilian Girls performed in promotion of their latest album, Let’s Make Love. As a fairly diverse group currently based out of New York, the Brazilian Girls bring in influences from all over the world and are known for their eclectic alternative, electronic sound. Anticipation crowded the room, especially knowing that the band has not put out an album since 2009 when their album, New York City,  was nominated for a Grammy Award.

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Liza Anne Interview – 5/4

Liza Anne is one of the most genuine artists I have had the pleasure to listen to in a while. She is currently on tour to promote her latest album “Fine, But Dying;” an intensely emotional outpouring of Liza’s internal struggles that will make you want to dance and bawl your eyes out all at once. Liza is so completely down to earth and inviting, as are her lyrics and storytelling.
Although I realized that I would not be able to attend the concert upon my arrival to the Great Scott on Friday night (curse not being 21+!), I was lucky to be able to sit down with Liza for a short interview before she was set to perform. I picked her brain about the creation of her latest album, her life as a young artist, and her battle with her panic disorder over the past couple of years.

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Show Review: Loma and Jess Williamson at Great Scott

Sunday night shows are an unpredictable beast, but far away from their homes in Texas, Loma and Jess Williamson brought their joyous best, and the crowd reciprocated.  A two band bill of wildly different but similarly tempered groups was the perfect way to close out the weekend.

Jess Williamson has been primarily known for her work in the country-Americana-rock-singer-songwriter vein, but she showed her ability to reach beyond that realm Sunday night, playing exclusively material off her upcoming record, Cosmic Wink. Though the country flair was still present, the music incorporated synths and dance grooves that brought it into its own space. Jess was a captivating voice and presence to front the band, and her songs were full of life and character.

Jess Williamson

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Curtis’ Prime Slices Of The Week (5/1-5/7): Middle Kids, Lucy Dacus

  Middle Kids – Lost Friends – (Pop Rock)

I decided to listen to this album for the sole fact that I thought the album cover was cool, and thank god I did. This trio has a sound like a tidal wave that hits you at the chorus every time. Filled with reverb and a wall of instruments, this LP feels incredibly big. The bands personal lives come out a lot throughout, whether it’s upbeat or slow. They talk about old friends and experiences they had in they’re youth with a theme that says they have unfinished business. The songs are catchy and full of interesting riffs and melodies. A great summer album no less.

Favorite tracks: Mistake, Bought It, Edge of Town, On My Knees

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