Liv’s Prime Slices (4/6 – 4/12): Michelle Blades, The Murlocs


Michelle Blades – Visitor – (indie pop rock)

Michelle Blades has just released a collection of songs infused with multiple sounds of an extension of her nomadic life spent between Panama, Mexico, Florida, and France. Picking bits and pieces from each place to form Visitor, Blades fuses together a unique sound that embodies qualities of Frank Zappa in her liberty of creation and of David Byrne and Mort Garson in terms of musical experimentation. In the first song on this album, “Politik!,” she plays with language tones, wordplay and texture to create a delicious package of new vibrations for our ears. “Dr. Psych” experiments into the psych rock realm, pushing the boundary of the genres she is defying further with this release. Looking forward to hear more from Blades and can’t wait to see the different turns she takes into the sound she continues to identify with. Continue reading “Liv’s Prime Slices (4/6 – 4/12): Michelle Blades, The Murlocs”

Q&A with Danielle Ponder

Singer-songwriter and vocal powerhouse from Rochester, NY, Danielle Ponder was kind enough to answer some questions we had for her. She, along with Nick Hakim is a featured artist at this spring’s edition of birnCORE Live on Friday, April 19 at 8:00 p.m. She will also be joining us on Saturday, April 20 for BIRN Alive at 4:00 p.m. for an exclusive interview and live set.

Interview by Liv Field

Being a strong female performing artist, what advice would you give to other aspiring female musicians when it comes to commanding a room, and not being underestimated?

D: I never think I can’t command a room I never think I am not strong. Being a woman is powerful and I carry all of that power with me on stage. I’ve never doubted it. I looks at those who came before me, Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill, Big Mama Thornton, there was nothing small about their presence

What are some of the foundational values that help you in the music industry?

D: Always create to inspire. Always create from an authentic place. Worry not about the industry just keep creating. No one can do what you do, no one.

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Liv’s Prime Slices (3/30 – 4/5): Weyes Blood, The Foreign Resort, MorMor

Weyes Blood – “Movies” – Indie

Weyes Blood (a.k.a. Natalie Mering) is soon to release a full album called Titanic Rising. She dropped a 3 track EP to raise hype for the full-length album, which includes the tracks “Movies,” “Everyday,” and “Andromeda.” This collection of songs is a beautiful sandwich of conversational songwriting that takes a different turn to pop music, commanding your mind to a broader musical realm. My favorite track is “Movies,” which starts with an arpeggiated and hypnotic scale, moving up and down followed by the haunting yet clear sound of Mering’s choral voice. Each song brings a different idea but ties together with the same foreground of the sound Mering has so meticulously claimed as her own. Her video for the track “Movies” is out now, and her full length album will be released April 5th.

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Liv’s Prime Slices (3/16 – 3/22): Lucy Rose, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Coathangers

Lucy Rose – No Words Left – (singer-songwriter)

This enchanting and truthful collection of songs by Lucy Rose, called No Words Left, is one for the books. It is rare to find a new and upcoming singer-songwriter who writes songs that you feel are coming straight from the heart, not trying to be something they’re not, and not trying to put off a facade. Rose truly captures the beauty of simplicity, with each lyric and melody she shines through her charming voice, accompanied by her piano and guitar playing. This album is a refreshing splash in the face of realization that there still are great songwriters in 2019. I had never heard of Lucy Rose until recently, but now I find myself listening to her song “Solo(w)” in the mornings when I wake up or before I go to bed, repeating the line “But I can’t help it, when I’m solo.” With a beautiful walk down melody, you can’t help but sing along every time. Lucy Rose is most definitely now on my list of favorite songwriters, and I’m looking forward to see how she changes others lives with the music she creates and the growth of her fan base.

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Video: Payton Gin on BIRN Alive

Payton Gin, an alternative rock band based in Boston, performed on BIRN Alive December 1. This video highlights two songs from their six-song set: “He Saw Me Go Insane” and “Rendezvous.”

The first song talks about a trip Liv took to New York with her partner at the time, and the experiences that came with it. The second song is a story about a man who falls for a girl who is very much out of his league.

Payton Gin is composed of the different sounds of  Mylan Vogels on lead guitar, Huxley Kuhlmann on keys, Cole Hancock on drums, Kaleb Harrison on bass, and Liv on vocals and rhythm guitar.

BIRN Alive is home to great live performances and insightful conversation every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. EST on BIRN1.

Video: Oriana Setz on BIRN Alive

Oriana Setz is a Boston-based singer-songwriter from Ecuador, blending her South American roots with indie pop and rock. The poetry in her music is greatly inspired by self-empowerment, social activism, and personal reflections. Check out the video below for her big band yet intimate performance on BIRN Alive!

BIRN Alive is home to great live performances and insightful conversation every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. EST on BIRN1.

Video: Havins on BIRN Alive

Havins, a Boston-based Americana band helmed by singer-songwriter and frontman Dillon Havins, appeared on BIRN Alive on October 18 for a live performance. If you missed the broadcast, check out the video below for a few of the originals they shared with us!

BIRN Alive is home to great live performances and insightful conversation every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. EST on BIRN1.