Curtis’ Prime Slices Of The Week (4/17 – 4/22)

     Tancred – Night Stand  (Pop Rock)

Disclaimer: this album hasn’t actually come out yet, but two singles have! The album comes out on June 1st and I’m very excited to listen to it. The first single (“Queen of New York”) is a catchy song about falling in love with someone whom you admire more than anyone else. The second (“Reviews”) to me is a song about trying to follow your own path as an artist without letting the public make you think the music you want to make  is unworthy. So far this LP is honest and is embracing the fact that Tancred is not the same artist she was on her first release.

Favorite Tracks: “Queens of New York” “Reviews”


   Lawn – Blood On The Tracks (Indie Punk/Rock)

Lawn is a duo from New Orleans consisting of Mac Folger (Guitar/Vocals) & Ruy De Magalhaes (Bass/Vocals). This is the bands first full length album and the product is both raw and clean. Lawn gives me vibes akin to Real Estate, Gang Of Four, and Television on some songs (“Vinnie,” “2000 Boy,” & “Clank”) but then has heavy influence from Modern Lovers in others (“Blood On The Tracks” & “Hips”). This all depends on who’s singing and it’s split pretty much 50/50. This record is definitely a throw back for me and in the best way possible.

Favorite Tracks: “Clank” “Blood On The Tracks” “2000 Boy”

Curtis’ Prime Slices of The Week (4/10-4/15): Leyya, Dude York

      Leyya – Sauna (Trip-Hop)

Leyya is an Austrian duo comprised of Sophie Lindinger (synthesizer, vocals) & Marco Kleebauer (synthesizer, guitar). This album is definitely one of a kind for me in the sense that I’m not a big fan of electronic music and I love this album. The thing though is that it’s more than the genre suggests. The Instrumentation is extremely well thought out and it sounds rich. The record consists of a nice mix of songs to dance to and songs to relax to. There’s also a very psychedelic element that is almost similar to Tame Impala. One of my favorites this year so far. Continue reading “Curtis’ Prime Slices of The Week (4/10-4/15): Leyya, Dude York”

Curtis’ Prime Slices Of The Week (4/3-4/8): Haley Blais, No Thank You

    Haley Blais – Let Yourself Go – EP

Haley Blais is an indie folk artist hailing from Vancouver, B.C. “Let Yourself Go” is her first release with Rumpus Room Records, engineered & mixed by Trevor Lang. The EP starts out slow and sweet with soft vocals and ukulele and quickly picks up to an almost Abba inspired vibe. The record has a nice balance of Haley’s personal side of life and her natural ability to write a catchy song. Her style is easy to love and even easier to relax to. Continue reading “Curtis’ Prime Slices Of The Week (4/3-4/8): Haley Blais, No Thank You”