David Keenan and Grace Givertz Live from The Red Room

Tune in to birnCORE on Thursday, June 14, at 8:00 p.m. EDT for a live broadcast from the Red Room at Cafe 939 featuring David Keenan and Grace Givertz.

David Keenan is an Irish songwriter, “who uses his lyrics to paint pictures with words on canvases of silence, curating a body of work which is steeped in the poetic tradition of old but delivered in such a way that is entirely his own.” He is currently on a tour of the East Coast. His live shows have been described as visceral and spiritual. Keenan is an artist who advocates expression through all forms possible.

Grace Givertz is an indie-folk, singer-songwriter based in Boston. She released an EP last year titled The Light, where she shows off her powerful vocals as well as her skills on guitar, banjo, ukulele, harmonica, and foot tambourine. Givertz is “a massive tour-de-force musician… the only real option is to smile at how much she packs into a tiny punch of a song.”

Listen here to join the live broadcast on birnCORE.

Rose Oliver to Appear on BIRN Alive

Tune in to BIRN1 on Saturday, June 16, at 4:00 p.m. EDT for a live performance and interview with Boston based artist Rose Oliver.

Rose’s style is influenced by her favorites: Regina Spektor, Bright Eyes, Panic! At The Disco, Kimya Dawson, Elliott Smith, and Death Cab for Cutie. Her music “feels like a heart-to-heart with a dear friend. Her whimsical creations are intimate, honest, and just a little off-center.”

BIRN Alive is home to great live performances and insightful conversation every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. EDT.

Listen to the live session and interview HERE.

Childish Japes, Killer Cortez, and Lev Freedman Live from The Red Room

Tune in tonight, June 5 at 8:00 p.m. EDT to birnCORE for a live broadcast from the Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Childish Japes, Killer Cortez, and Lev Freedman.

Childish Japes is equal parts collective, band, and art project—committed to fearless musical exploration and a blurring of genre lines. With no fixed front person, it constantly features a slew of killer singers, rappers, and instrumentalists (or just playing as a trio). At this show, the band will play its entire new album, Salamandra, which features Berklee College of Music alumnus and emotive powerhouse Dave Vives on vocals. Continue reading “Childish Japes, Killer Cortez, and Lev Freedman Live from The Red Room”

Sam Tsui Live from The Red Room

Tune in on Wednesday, June 6 at 8:00 p.m. EDT to birnCORE for a live broadcast from the Red Room featuring Sam Tsui.

Sam Tsui went from sharing his talent from a dorm room on YouTube to releasing multiple albums and EPs. He recently released his album titled Trust. The singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist is now on tour and coming to Boston. “Sam continues to use his powerful digital platform to share his distinctive music and creative video content with his fans, the ‘Samily’.”

Listen here to join the live broadcast on birnCORE!

Show Review: Editors at Paradise Rock Club 5/16

Story by Justin Cameron

Editors brought their Violence tour to Boston a couple weeks ago. The band’s set was heavy on the new songs, playing 6 of the 9 from Violence, and they all translated well to a live setting. They sounded almost exactly as they do on record, if not better, and the crowd seemed to agree. The majority of the crowd actually ended up dancing to the songs, and the band seemed to feed off that energy, giving an energetic set from start to finish.

The lights perfectly complimented their sound: flashing during the heavier, more industrial parts, and calming down for the quieter songs. Editors’ sound combined with the lights ended up being very reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode.

These days, Editors has a high energy, danceable set that should not be missed.

Album Review: ZHU’s RHINGO’S DESERT PT. 1

Review by Justin Cameron

ZHU’s career has always been mysterious. He never offers fans a look into his personal life, and instead, gives them exceptional music for the past four years. He’s carved out his niche in the electronic music scene, creating music from an artistic point of view rather than of a musical one. ZHU’s songs all have dark undertones complimented by screaming guitar and sax solos as well as sparse, spacey vocals. Continue reading “Album Review: ZHU’s RHINGO’S DESERT PT. 1”

Berklee In The Round, Live from The Red Room

Tune in on Tuesday, May 8 at 7:00 PM EST to birnCORE for a live broadcast from The Red Room at Cafe 939 of Berklee in the Round.

Berklee in the Round (BITR) occurs on the second Tuesday of every month. Each month, a faculty member selects four to five students and hosts a concert. He or she may also choose a special guest (such as a visiting artist or touring songwriter). Based on the in-the-round performances at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee, songwriters sit in a circle, where they take turns playing to the audience seated around them, lending an intimate feel.

This month the performers will be Hera Lynn, Weiwen Seah, William Ospina, Chavis Chance, and Anastasia Charakidou.

Tune in here to join the live broadcast

Show Review: Preoccupations at Brighton Music Hall 4/25

Review by Justin Cameron

Preoccupations came out to an excited crowd at Brighton Music Hall last Wednesday night with album opener, “Espionage.” From there, they ripped through a 13-song set containing a nice balance of new and old songs. Their lights remained dark throughout the set forcing the audiences’ attention on their sound rather than over the top visuals.

Their set was loud, —full of thundering drums and booming bass—but it was balanced. No one instrument overpowered another as Matt Flegel’s voice could clearly be heard. Continue reading “Show Review: Preoccupations at Brighton Music Hall 4/25”

Upcoming: Manu Delago at The Red Room

Tune in to birnCORE this Thursday, May 3rd at 8 PM EST for a live broadcast from The Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Manu Delago.
When Delago first discovered the Hang, an enchanting musical instrument manufactured by PANArt in Switzerland he discovered a passion for writing music.
His Hang solo piece “Mono Desire” has become the most popular Hang video on the internet and was featured in the top 30 music videos on YouTube. His music is incredibly unique, atmospheric, and beautiful.
He has released several albums with his band, and has collaborated with artists such as Björk, Anoushka Shankar, Joss Stone, Andreya Triana, and Bugge Wesseltoft.
Tune in on birnCORE.